Chapel Farm Wedding Swan Valley Perth - Matt and Claire

Whenever I shoot another photographer's wedding it's always a little nerve wracking. Of course it's an honour because photographers are notoriously fussy, but that means there are a few extra butterflies flutting around in my tummy on the day! Matt Neil is an awesome photographer who has worked with me a few times, but this time he had the joy of being on the other side of the camera. Matt and Claire had a beautiful ceremony in Whiteman Park at the end of March, where the rain gods seem to show mercy on them, holding off the rain until the couple walked back down the aisle as newly weds. And then it began to drizzle a little. And then the drops got bigger. And bigger. And faster, and heavier until it was bucketing down. But the funny thing was, it didn't seem to matter. Sure, it meant we couldn't go wandering through golden sunlit vineyards for photos. But because my style and approach to wedding photography is largely photojournalistic, going off for photos is really such a tiny part of the day that it doesn't make a big impact if we get washed out. Instead, the  sound of rain falling on the old tin roof at Chapel Farm added a romantic ambience as Claire and Matt danced into the night with friends and family, their permanent smiles defying whatever the weather decided to throw at them.