Woodbridge House Wedding Perth - Sarah and Andrew

So there was a bit of rain on Sarah and Andrew’s wedding day. Ok, quite a bit of rain. But nothing that a marquee and an umbrella couldn’t sort out.  There was an energy, a connection between the Sarah and Andrew that even a tornedo would have had little impact on this day. As the rain fell softly into the night, the enigmatic sounds of Andrew’s swing band drifted across the river and into the Swan Valley from Woodbridge House in Guildford, as they danced and celebrated a life together. An unforgettable day. SDG011woodbridge_house_wedding_perth2SDG006woodbridge_house_wedding_perth1SDG058SDG017SDG048SDG019SDG022woodbridge_house_Perth_wedding3SDG052woodbridge_house_wedding_perth4SDG100SDG103woodbridge_house_wedding_perth_5SDG127SDG128SDG134SDG137SDG141SDG142SDG149SDG176SDG177SDG213SDG215SDG225SDG226woodbridge_house_perth_wedding6SDG229SDG230SDG237SDG257SDG258woodbridgehouse_wedding_perth7SDG265SDG271SDG274SDG276SDG283SDG292SDG299SDG327SDG340SDG347