Fremantle Maritime Museum Wedding - Jono and Ruby

Sometimes I take the family kermit-green Kombi on a photo shoot for a bit of fun. No need to for Jono and Ruby's wedding as they hired this awesome teal coloured super shiney split screen beauty for the occasion from Kuste Kombis (I have Kombi envy). It suited them (along with the hiring of the Fremantle Scooters for the groomsmen) to a tee. Five bridesmaids, one bride and one groom squeezed into its lovingly restored cream leather seats as we putt putted through Fremantle to the delight of market goers. Meanwhile their guests explored through the Fremantle Maritime Museum, where the ceremony was held, before heading up for drinks on the deck to spectacular panoramic views of the Fremantle Harbour and a night of dancing to U2 cover band You Tube . Sensational day!